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Manufacturers like Xerox have performed tremendous work to assess how their products have been affecting the environment. Xerox has even gauged the potential of bringing used items that it has manufactured so that they can be processed individually. It has even been paying its customers processing and returns shipping costs to “take back” certain recycling items, namely printing consumables and supplies.

The company has a complete list of “Branded Replacement Cartridges” and “Branded Replacement Cartridges.” So, as long as you have purchased a consumable and/or supply from an accredited Xerox UAE -based partner, the company actually encourages you to recycle them through its “Green World Alliance” program.

Xerox designs all of its products such that they can also be safely disposed of locally, such as via local industrial recycling or a local municipal waste service. So, if you are not able to find your item on the “take back” list,” you may recycle them in a mixed plastic stream near you, especially if the item is regarded as a number-2 plastic.

Alternatively, there are also several authorized Xerox recycling partners in the UAE. However, unless there is one in your city, you will have to pay the shipping fee to return your item(s) to them.

Xerox UAE

What Is The Procedure Of Getting Xerox To “Take Back” Consumables & Supplies?

  1. Visit the “Green World Alliance” section of Xerox’s official website.
  2. There, you will have the option to “Select [your] Country” from the list, after which you will have to click “Continue.”
  3. On the next page, you will also find the “Product Take Back List,” along with several other options on the left.
  4. As long as you want to make “Single Item Returns,” all you will have to do is enter the “part/SKU number” and then click “Search.”

How to find out your item’s “part/SKU number”? — If you purchased your consumable or supply item from an accredited Xerox UAE -based partner, it likely came in a box. Look for a panel on the box, likely on the right side at the bottom, which is displaying an alphanumeric code. That will be your “part/SKU number.”

  1. Once you have entered the number and clicked “Search,” you will then be asked for your return address.
  2. Once you have submitted your address, you will be able to print your shipping label and affix it to a sealed box containing your item.
  3. Lastly, it will be up to you whether you take the box to any authorized UPS shipping location near you or to call them to pick the box from your place.


As mentioned, if you have purchased a Xerox consumable product or supply item from an accredited partner, you will face no difficulties send it back to the company for recycling. It will not cost you anything. Even if your item is not on the “Product Take Back List,” you have the option to ship it to an authorized Xerox recycling partner in the UAE, or just recycle it locally. Whatever option is feasible for you, make sure you recycle the product or item that you will no longer be using.

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